The Dreaming Door

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The Dreaming Door
January 2017
wood picture frame, acrylic paint, poppy pods, stones, human tooth, sparrow foot, wire, embroidery thread
© Dver


House of Dreams

“Life – her own life anyway, Sophie had come to think, as it grew longer – was like one of those many-storied houses of dreams she had once been able to build, where the dreamer, with a slow or sudden rush of understanding like a wash of cool water, knows himself to have been merely asleep and dreaming, to have merely invented the pointless task, the grim hotel, the flight of stairs; they go away, tattered and unreal; the dreamer awakes relieved in his own bed (though the bed for a reason he can’t quite remember is laid in a busy street or afloat in a calm sea), and rises yawning, and has odd adventures, which go on until (with a slow or sudden rush of understanding) he awakes, he had only fallen asleep here in this desert place (Oh I remember) or (Oh I see) in this palace antechamber, and it’s time to be up and about life’s business; and so on and on: her life had been of that kind.”

(Little, Big, John Crowley)