Gentlemen, Madmen, Things That Are Not Men


Gentlemen, Madmen, Things That Are Not Men
May 2017
Hardcover book, stamped copper title plate, hand-carved rubber stamp impressions on endpapers, signed & numbered, limited edition of 13
– Original polaroid photographs of liminal places and objects in color (white frame) and b&w (black frame)
– Curated collection of antique cabinet cards, RPPC’s and photos of strange and beautiful gentlemen (and a few ladies) in sepia and b&w
– Poems and cantrips about life in the fairy mound and its perilous denizens
© D. Venatrix

Paperback edition available to purchase at Goblinequerie.


Herr Todd

herrtodd1 herrtodd2 herrtodd3

Herr Todd
April 2012
antique Russian fox puppet, antique wooden drawer, badger claws, rabbit fur, rook feathers, bones of squirrel, possum, rabbit, raccoon and chicken, acrylic paint
© Dver

“Herr Tod” is a gruesome play on words and stories. Mr. Fox is a rogue from English folklore, who murders young women most brutally. Mr. Tod is a character from Beatrix Potter children’s books, a gentleman fox who threatens clueless ducks and antagonizes his badger neighbor. Tod is an English word for fox, but in German it means “death”. So Herr Tod is Mr. Death, and indeed the fox is death personified to the animals it eats.