The Old Man of the Woods

Past the wall of gray stones, through the trees,
In a house made of spells, full of books,
With a light in his eye and his mind,
There he waits – the Old Man of the Woods.

The Old Man of the Woods
July 2021
Nine-stanza poem printed on linen paper with wood-grain cardstock covers, bound with linen thread. Original pen-and-ink illustrations made with oak gall ink. Vintage decorated capital letters. Hand-embellished with stamped crows and inked rune. Limited edition of 18 books. Hail Odin.
© Dver

The Bog

“He walks in the mud, moves aside the reeds
No clapping of wings, no motions around
Just the singing wind in an ominous silence

I’ll take you down there”

(Bigod 20, “The Bog”)

cobra lilies (carnivorous plants)
skunk cabbage
tree roots

Polaroid photographs © Dver 2021