Gentlemen, Madmen, Things That Are Not Men


Gentlemen, Madmen, Things That Are Not Men
May 2017
Hardcover book, stamped copper title plate, hand-carved rubber stamp impressions on endpapers, signed & numbered, limited edition of 13
– Original polaroid photographs of liminal places and objects in color (white frame) and b&w (black frame)
– Curated collection of antique cabinet cards, RPPC’s and photos of strange and beautiful gentlemen (and a few ladies) in sepia and b&w
– Poems and cantrips about life in the fairy mound and its perilous denizens
© D. Venatrix

Paperback edition available to purchase at Goblinequerie.

3 thoughts on “Gentlemen, Madmen, Things That Are Not Men

  1. This quiet evening while perusing the “occult” section stacks of the university of Oregon I came across a copy of this book, number 12. I was fascinated by the title and the fact it was labeled on stamped copper. When I went to check it out I was told “this book is not one of ours. Is this your book?” I had to admit it wasn’t . The head librarian looked at it and discovered the note which stated that it was not a library book. I then asked if it could get a call number so I could check it out she told me I could have it , I found it so “I must be chosen”

    I have for many years have had dreams of finding curious rare books in mysterious bookstores. The mood created this evening, listening to haunting music alone in my 100 year old home and turning the pages and slowly reading the enigmatic and disturbing text while investigating the strange photos Is an experience while waking surreal and precious.

    Thank you. I will keep this artifact in a place of honor on the small table in my basement secret study.

    • I am honored that this book found its way to someone who appreciated the whole experience of discovery as well as the contents. The fact that you have a secret study (underground, no less) is so very appropriate and wonderful. Thank you for writing. May the Gentlemen bring strange magic into your life.

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