Madame Zaubera

zaubera1zaubera6zaubera2 zaubera3 zaubera8 zaubera14 zaubera11 zaubera10 zaubera9 zaubera12 zaubera7 zaubera5 zaubera13 zaubera15 zaubera16 zaubera19 zaubera17 zaubera18

Madame Zaubera
Fortune-Telling Puppet Diorama
August 2014
cat skull, grouse feet, paperclay, acrylic paint, LED lights, glass, wooden box, paper, fabric, PVC, ink, dowels, metal hardware, styrofoam, quartz crystals, rabbit fur, steel sheets, plywood
© Dver


12 thoughts on “Madame Zaubera

    • Thank you! I came up with her card system myself, loosely inspired by the Lenormand cards (in that they each have a primary, simple symbol).

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